Welcome to the WHIST Trial Website. WHIST – Wound Healing In Surgery for Trauma is a Randomised Controlled Trial of standard wound management versus negative pressure wound therapy in the treatment of adult patients having surgical incisions for major trauma to the lower limb. This study is funded by the National Institute of Health Research. As a potential patient you can find more information relating to your treatment options, download our Patient Information Sheet and contact the WHIST Trial Team if you have any questions. If you are an investigator or involved in the trial's research team you can navigate ‘For the Research Team’ pages for further information relating the WHIST Trial.


Prof Matthew Costa 
(Chief Investigator)

Louise Spoors
(Trial Manager)

Bojana Selinsek
(Trial Coordinator)

Recruitment Progress:
Latest participant recruited from: King's College Hospital
Date of most recent recruitment: Wednesday, 15th November 2017